Data Loggers EClerk-M Series

Large memory for 520 000 measurement values, high accuracy ±0,2°С, LED display, violation fixation function

Автономные регистраторы температуры и влажности EClerk-M

Bluetooth Digital Smart Thermometer RELSIB WT51

Data transmission up to 50 m, sound alarm, display of indications in the form of a graph, saving in the calendar, sending by e-mail

Bluetooth-термометр RELSIB WT51


NPK Relsib is one of the main manufacturers in Russia of data loggers, accurate portable digital metersmeasuring instruments, temperature and humidity control instruments, small temperature sensors, over-temperature protection devices, automation devices, low-cost thermostats for various applications. The company produces a range of components for fire alarm systems and fire suppression. A distinctive feature of the company's products is its current level, high consumer qualities and low cost.

The main directions of development for the coming years are: microclimate control measuring instruments, including for pharmaceuticals and medicine, for housing and public utilities and social facilities, medical devices for home diagnostics, smart home devices.

Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers with LED Display

Data Loggers

Exact, convenient, various designs for application in medicine, pharmaceutics, housing and communal services, power, electronics and mechanical engineering, construction.

    Thermostats for  fire detectors


A wide range from the smallest and low-inertia thermal switches to thermal switches with large switching current and voltage and a robust case.

Electronic Portable Digital Measuring Instruments


Modern, with a wide range of measurements, with a large set of sensors, for use in industry, utilities, construction.

  Temperature And Humidity Control Instruments


Modern, reliable devices for climate control in the premises, including for pharmaceuticals and medicine, for housing and public utilities and social facilities.

Home appliances

Home appliances

Devices that solve many household problems with ease and at the most modern level.



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