EClerk-M-RHT Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

• Stores a Total of 260,000 Recorded Temperature Readings and 260,000 Recorded Humidity
• Violation Fixation Function
• User-Configurable Alarms
• LED Indicator
• Direct USB Interface for Set-up and Data Download
• 0 to 95% RH Measurement Range
• -40…+55°С Temperature Measurement Range
• Humidity Reading Accuracy: ±3,0% RH
• Temperature Reading Accuracy: ±1,0°С
• Capability To Record With Time Intervals
• Mobile Application EClerk2.0-mobile


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  • Good solution for long-term measurements of air temperature and humidity 
  • Including wall bracket
  • With or without LED display
  • With or without violation fixation function
  • Data logger with violation fixation function has protection against data changes
  • Sensor is located under  removable perforated cap

USB connector and  record on/ off button are located under  removable cap on the other side of the logger.

Choose your modification

Part Number Model Violation Fixation LED Indicator Color
1 051210001 ECkerk-M-01-RHT-W ---  ---  White
2 051210002 ECkerk-M-01-RHT-B ---  ---  Black
3 051210011 ECkerk-M-11-RHT-W  ---  White
4 051210012 ECkerk-M-11-RHT-B  ---  Black
5 051210101 ECkerk-M-01-RHT-W-a    ---  White
051210102 ECkerk-M-01-RHT-B-a    ---  Black
051210111 ECkerk-M-11-RHT-W-a      White
051210112 ECkerk-M-11-RHT-B-a      Black


Holder for fixing the EClerk-M data logger to a vertical surface
Holder for fixing the EClerk-M data logger to a metal surface
1/2AA battery for EClerk-M data logger

*One holder and one battery are included as standard in the data logger.

**Accessories is specified in the field for the order together with the selected data logger or independently (if only additional equipment is ordered).



Free Soft for Windows

Data analysis in table and graph
Filters by time, filters by maximum and minimum value
Export data to Excel
Online mode (USB meter)
EClerk-2.0 mobile

Free Soft for Android

Data download from data loggers to Android device and then transfer to remote PC via GSM
Download on Google Play

Product Brochures

Data Sheet Autonomous Data Loggers EClerk-M (3Mb)