IT-7-K High Temperature Thermometer With Built-In Probe

• Temperature Measurement Range -50...+800°C
• Temperature Reading Accuracy ±0,5°С
• Super Bright LED Display

• Convenience and Mechanical Strength
• IP54 Protection
• Probe Length From 350 to 1000 mm and more
• Probe Diameter 2...5 mm


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• General-purpose temperature probe integral to the unit
• Hard connection of the probe with the housing for effective, reliable measurements

• Low power consumption - battery life more than 85 hours
• Auto switch off to conserve battery life through 10 sec

The thermocouple is at the end of the probe. To obtain accurate measurement values, it is recommended to install the probe into the measured medium to a depth of at least 20 mm. The probe is made of stainless steel, so the device can be used in the food industry. The probe can have both a rounded and pointed end. The smallest thermal inertia are devices with a probe diameter of 2 mm. For more severe operating conditions, devices with a probe diameter from 3.0 to 5.0 mm are manufactured.



Probe Diameter, mm Probe Length, mm
2,0 350
3,0 350
4,0 350; 400
5,0 400; 600; 800; 1000

Probe types

Appearance Designation Diameter, mm
with rounded end (R) 2,0...5,0
with a sharp end (N) 4,0; 5,0
with a sharp end (N) 2,0; 3,0

 Temperature Measurement Range -50…+800°C
 Temperature Reading Accuracy   ±(0,5+0,004|Т|*)°С
 Power Supply   1,5 V ААА Battery
 Number of channels 1
 Temperature reading resolution 0,1°C
 Display time to auto shut off 10 sec
 Battery Life 85 h
  Protection class IP54
 Dimensions (without probe)   136,5 mm x 26,5 mm
 Operating Temperature –40…+55°С

*T - temperature of the substances

Settling time for liquid media substances

Probe Diameter, mm Setting Time, sec
2,0 3
3,0 4
4,0 10
5,0 15