IT-7-Pt High Accuracy Thermometer With Built-In Probe

• Temperature Measurement Range -70...+200°C
• Temperature Reading Range -200...+200°C

• Temperature Reading Accuracy ±0,2°С
• Super Bright LED Display

• Convenience and Mechanical Strength
• IP54 Protection
• Probe Length From 120 to 1000 mm and more
• Probe Diameter 2...5 mm


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• General-purpose temperature probe integral to the unit
• Hard connection of the probe with the housing for effective, reliable measurements

• Low power consumption - battery life more than 85 hours
• Auto switch off to conserve battery life through 10 sec

A temperature sensor with a length of no more than 7 mm is located at the end of the probe. To obtain accurate measurement values, it is recommended to install the probe into the measured medium to a depth of at least 20 mm. The probe is made of stainless steel, so the device can be used in the food industry. The probe can have both a rounded and pointed end. The smallest thermal inertia are devices with a probe diameter of 2 mm. For more severe operating conditions, devices with a probe diameter from 3.0 to 5.0 mm are manufactured.



Probe Diameter, mm Probe Length, mm
2,0 120
3,0 120; 200; 350
4,0 120; 200; 350; 400
5,0 400; 600; 800; 1000

Probe types

Appearance Designation Diameter, mm
with rounded end (R) 2,0...5,0
with a sharp end (N) 4,0; 5,0
with a sharp end (N) 2,0; 3,0

 Temperature Measurement Range -70…+200°C
 Temperature Reading Accuracy   ±(0,2+0,0015|Т|*)°С
 Power Supply   1,5 V ААА Battery
 Number of channels 1
 Temperature reading resolution 0,1°C
 Display time to auto shut off 10 sec
 Battery Life 85 h
  Protection class IP54
 Dimensions (without probe)   136,5 mm x 26,5 mm
 Operating Temperature –40…+55°С

*T - temperature of the substances

Settling time for liquid media substances

Probe Diameter, mm Setting Time, sec
2,0 3
3,0 4
4,0 10
5,0 15